One of the top dental trends for 2013 is the focus on the overall dental experience for patients. Most dentists today help patients maximize the treatment experience. Some of the tactics employed today include better patient reminders, new mobile apps with helpful dental health information, and more conveniently scheduled and phased treatments to relieve financial burdens are among the patient-centered and technology-driven efforts to help you get the dentistry you need and want. Don’t be surprised if your dentist texts or emails you about your next appointment—or the need to schedule one before your annual dental benefits expire. The days and times available may be more convenient than before to accommodate your lifestyle, and treatments may be offered in multiple steps to help you undergo necessary procedures now, rather than after bothersome conditions become too severe.


At Crossridge Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Team Dr.Babik goes the extra yard, and they call all of their patients before their appointment to remind them, and they offer the patient the flexibility of scheduling their appointments when it is most convenient to them. With their new website (, Team Dr.Babik keeps patients informed, and offer online scheduling for appointments. Team Dr.Babik also keeps patients up-to-date with dental trends and special offers on their Facebook page. The patient experience is the top priority for Team Dr.Babik! Dr. Babik even sees patients on Saturday, and emergency walk-ins are always welcome! Dr. Babik stresses to his team that every patient is part of our family. Team Dr.Babik works diligently to ensure that their patients have the best experience possible. In addition to flexibility of scheduling and regular follow up, Dr. Babik and his team pride themselves on the family atmosphere at the office. With nice leather couches, magazines, and television, the waiting area is as comfortable as your living room at home. In addition to comfort, Team Dr.Babik always greets patients with a smile!


Make an appointment today, and see Team Dr. Babik in action for yourself. You will be happy to see that the old days of boring dental offices are a thing of the past. At Crossridge Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Dr. Babik and his team, will make you feel right at home!