Where did you learn your good habits? Was it our parents, older siblings, your teachers, or community role models? Regardless of the source, children learn good and bad habits from the adults that have influence over them from a very early age! Don’t you want them to have good habits? Being one of 13 children, Dr. Babik can tell you many stories of how he learned life’s lessons that led to good habits!


Dr. Babik strongly encourages the parents and older siblings of his young patients to lead by example, and to ease the worries and fear that children may have with going to the dentist. If you say dental visits are fun, and look forward to seeing the dentist, they will follow your lead! Further, if you have a good dental care routine, your children will follow!


Dr. Babik believes very strongly that his young patients are influenced positively by parents, teachers, and their heroes in the community. This belief is why Dr. Babik is heavily engaged in the community, and why he was selected the best dentist in Glen Allen for the last several years! In addition to reaching out to the community as a whole, Dr. Babik proudly sponsors the Richmond Kickers and the Richmond Raiders athletic teams. By being the official dentist for these athletic teams, Dr. Babik remains highly visible in the community, and helps instill positive dental habits among the young people in the community. Dr. Babik’s young patients love meeting their athletic heroes and getting prizes, including free T-shirts! Further, when they see that their heroes take great care of their teeth, they want to follow suit, and be just like them.


So, if you want your child to love brushing and flossing, and look forward to going to the dentist, you need to set an example for them. Also, including your children in positive community events, like the Richmond Kickers and Richmond Raiders games and camps, you will be ahead of the game!


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