A dental filling is the most common restorative procedure used to repair minimal tooth fractures or cavities.

Dental filling materials can be composites or porcelain restoration. Dr. Babik uses only metal-free fillings. If you have a tooth fracture, a hole in a tooth, or damage to the enamel of the tooth, make an appointment to see Dr. Babik. He may recommend a filling.

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Why Metal-Free Fillings?


Less Tooth structure is Removed


They Are Non-Toxic


Healthier For Your Gums


Resin Fillings Prevent New Tooth Decay


Better Bonding w/ Natural Teeth


Looks Like Original Tooth


Silver Filling w/ Poor Margin


Composite Filling w/ Good Margin

Often these conditions are not noticeable at home. They are most often discovered during your routine cleanings at Dr. Babik’s office. That is one reason why it is important to keep up with your cleanings, usually every six months. A filling may prevent the condition from getting worse. During your routine office cleanings, Dr. Babik will examine your teeth thoroughly, and take x-rays as needed, to determine the exact location of the problem.

Once Dr. Babik determines that a filling is needed, he will walk you through all of your options and proceed only according to what you want for yourself. He will discuss your medical history, the severity of the cavity, any fears that you may have, cost, number of visits, and decide with you what is the best option. 

Ceramic fillings can be used in teeth that are under great chewing pressure such as molars and bicuspids, that requires larger than average restoration. They can function well in areas under heavy stress where otherwise a crown will be indicated.  These porcelain fillings are reliable and are fast becoming the standard of care for forward-thinking dentists and cosmetic dentists across the USA and globe.

    5 star review  He and the entire office are phenomenal. It is a family run business. He treats 3 generations of my family; kids, parents and grandparents. I highly recommend Dr. Babik and all clinicians at his practice.

    thumb Heather Powell

    5 star review  Dr Babik and his team is the BEST. Staff is very attentive and welcoming. Dr Babik makes sure his patients gets the best treatment. I had two extractions and two implants and i am very happy with the service. I highly recommend Dr Babik. He is great.

    thumb Sara Syed

    5 star review  Dr. Babik is a phenomenal dental professional. I chipped a tooth late Friday night and called his office and left a message about my dilemma and not only did he call me back but he and a staff met me in the office on a Saturday morning to repair my tooth so I could complete my speaking engagement on Sunday morning. His office staff especially his sister and brother enhance their office operations beyond the realms of greatness. Dr. Babik has an incredible chair side manner that puts the most anxious patient at ease.

    thumb Gerald Glenn
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