Throughout the history of the world, we have been bombarded with the number 3! In baseball, we get three strikes for an out, we are told to eat three meals a day…the list goes on! Even in dental care, the number 3 is a critical number. First, we are instructed from an early age to follow the three steps of dental maintenance, including brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, and then we are told to do this routine three times a day! When will the barrage of the number 3 end?


Well, if you have periodontal disease, the number 3 will remain to be important to you! Even if you to follow instructions to maintain you’re dental health, you will need to see a dentist every three months! Dr. Babik encourages his patients with periodontal disease to see him every three months, even if they are following instructions for daily dental maintenance.


It can be challenging to predict where in your mouth the symptoms of periodontal disease may recur or when, and frequently, it does not hurt. If you are one of those people that think periodontal disease can be cured, you are wrong! Dr. Babik states that the only way to find and control periodontal disease is with a professional exam that specifically looks for the disease. This also means that a twice-a-year cleaning is just not safe enough for those who have periodontal disease.


Dr. Babik encourages his patients with periodontal disease to come see him every three months, and for a periodontal maintenance appointment which include-


  • taking x-rays to check jawbone levels
  • measuring the depth of periodontal pockets
  • checking for loose teeth or bleeding gums
  • removing plaque above and below the gumline
  • talking with you about the effectiveness of your homecare


If necessary, Dr. Babik may also recommend that you re-treat with scaling and root planning or apply a medication or antimicrobial rinse. This maintenance will help you break the stronghold of bacteria in your gums and slow or eliminate their destructive effects.


So, if you have periodontal disease, remember the Number 3 every day, and schedule an appointment with a dentist every three months.



If you have questions, make an appointment with Dr. Babik today!