1. Crack nuts with a nutcracker, not your teeth.  Many a man, woman, and child cracks a tooth over the holiday thinking their teeth are made of steel.  Squirrels were made for that, not humans. Truth is, under that hard enamel shell is a very sensitive nerve running through a root surrounded by soft living tissue.  Crack the shell, and I’m not talking about the nut, and welcome pain.  Yes, Dr. Babik knows that cracking a tooth is an intensely painful experience resulting in the urgent need for a root canal and crown.  Be smart, use a nutcracker!


2. Don’t open beer bottles with your teeth.  You may laugh, but this happens a lot! Dr. Babik notes that this error in judgment could lead to need for a dental implant and/or crown to get your smile back.


3. Skip the caramel popcorn balls. Dr. Babik often hears, “but how can I skip a family tradition”!  If you munch on a single unpopped kernal of popcorn a little too hard and I bet the BCS championship you will end up in a dental chair.  Dr. Babik warns that the kernel could crack the cusp of a tooth or crack a molar to the root.


4. Brush and floss your teeth after the pies.  Dr. Babik warns that the single greatest cause of dental decay is food (usually sugar) left on or around the tooth.  Brushing and flossing is an obvious solution, as it removes excess food and cleans the surface of the tooth.  But who remembers to bring their toothbrush and dental floss to a Thanksgiving dinner party, other than dentists.  You do…or at least you should.  Swing by our office and we will give each of your family members a FREE toothbrush and floss.




5. Don’t bite candy canes.  I know, it’s not Christmas yet, but the day after Thanksgiving someone will whip out candy canes and start decorating your Christmas tree.  Dr. Babik encourages you not to give in to the temptation to bite down on that candy cane.


And last of all, and most importantly, be thankful for your teeth and a health smile.  And if you are not, give us a call and we will help you get a reason to smile.

Please share your holiday stories!


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